2016 Ends on a High Note

Our 2016 Senior Prizegiving was an outstanding event to celebrate our senior students’ achievement, with inspiring speeches from our Head Boy, Head Girl and Board Chairperson, attendance by many invited guests and whanau and over $270,000 in Scholarships and Prizes. We celebrated individual achievements that were hard won and well earned, it was a day to acknowledge our wonderful achievements as a School and a day to give thanks and to wish our senior students all the best as they aimed for their absolute best in NCEA.  Most especially to all of our Year Thirteens heading off to the next stage of their lives.

Aimee Leaming was named the 2016 Dux and the Award for Proxime Accessit went to Samantha McSweeney.

Aimee was awarded Honours Academic for NCEA Level One and Two, a Top Scholar in Years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13, successfully participated in a raft of academic extension opportunities such as Australian Chemistry, Big Science and Science and Technology events, a Coach, a Peer Support Leader, a Keri Reading Tutor, a member of the Ball Committee, a Class Representative, a Librarian, an Adjucator and a Prefect. Aimee received Cultural Honours in three consecutive years for Debating, twice winner of the Russell McVeagh Debating Competition, Best Speaker and selected for the Northland Team to debate in Wellington every year since 2014, she received Sporting Honours three times for nationally ranked performances in Gymsports and was awarded Honours ten times across three Cornerstones.

Samantha was awarded Honours Academic for NCEA Level One and Two, a Top Scholar in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, a Librarian, Class Representative, Peer Support Leader, Keri Reading Tutor, Kiwi Buddy and a Prefect. Samantha excelled at Gymnastics, Debating, and Music, was voted Best Jazz Flautist at the Tauranga Jazz Festival, was awarded Triple Honours in Academic and Cultural Cornerstones and was the recipient of the New Zealand School of Music Therle Drake Award.

Pictured from Left, Aimee Leaming (2016 Dux), Mrs Forgie (Principal), Samantha McSweeney (2016 Proxime Accessit)


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