Study Leave and Assessment Week

Study Leave and Assessment Week : Wednesday 31 May – Friday 9 June

Assessment week begins on Wednesday 31 May and Year 11, 12, and 13 students will have leave from normal classes to study at home during the assessment period. This leave covers the time when students have no assessments to sit from and including Wednesday 31 May –Friday 9 June.

Morning examinations run from 9:50am – 12:00pm and afternoon examinations run from 12:50pm – 3:00pm. Some practical assessments may start at 9am or finish at 4pm and students will be told if this is the case.

The conditions of these assessments are as close to the external examinations as possible. We ask that you encourage your child to use their study leave wisely. In many cases, during this assessment period, students will be assessed for internal standards and often there will be a practical component.  This requires timing to be flexible and students will be clearly told which session and at what time they will be required to attend for assessment.  Study leave is a privilege to allow pupils to work at home. Pupils seen wandering in town or otherwise abusing this privilege may cause the leave to be cancelled.

Some tips and reminders for students in preparation for examinations…

  • Check the examination timetable carefully and make sure you know which session you are required to attend. Where there is more than one assessment session for a subject, students will be told by their teacher which one they are to attend. Highlight the sessions you have been instructed to attend.
  • Come fully prepared with equipment. The only items of equipment you will be allowed to bring into the room are writing materials in a clear plastic bag. All paper required will be provided by the school.
  • Arrive to each examination in good time. Students are to wait outside the examination room until the supervisor requests them to enter. Once in the room do not turn over the examination paper until directed.
  • Senior students should not come to school, nor use the school bus on days when they do not have an examination unless they are coming to supervised study.
  • A room (MAT5) will be set aside for those who wish to study at school. Pupils must be in the study room during normal class hours when they are at school.
  • Examination information will be displayed at the two entrances to the staff administration block each day.
  • Students must wear correct school uniform whenever they are at school, including times when they are coming to study.
  • Silent, hand held, non-printing calculators are allowed in all examinations. Pupils are responsible for batteries.
  • As no eating is allowed in external examinations, this is not permitted in school examinations.
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