Year 7 to 10 EOTC

Year 9 & 10: Tuesday 28th November

Year 7 & 8: Thursday 30th November

 Education Outside the Classroom provides an opportunity for students to experience fun and new activities outside the classroom.  This year we are offering 27 different activities and choices can now be submitted on-line.  Towards the end of this week students will be given a hard copy of the list of activities to bring home and caregivers will be sent an email with a link  to enable on-line submissions.  This gives students more control over their choices and increases the chances of them getting the activity they want (though not confirmed until they receive written confirmation).  Some spaces will be reserved for each activity to allow space for those who find it preferable to return the paper application. Spaces are allocated on a first in basis. The on-line submission is easy, follow instructions and remember you must press SAVE (the green button) for your choice to be registered.

Please help your child to make a realistic choice, taking into consideration the type of activity and cost (which includes transport where necessary). The students will participate in a one-day activity.  Confirmation of the student’s chosen activity will be advised in writing, you will then need to complete the acceptance form as soon as possible.  Payment must be made before November 21st to confirm your student’s place in their chosen activity. Students wear mufti for their EOTC activity. In the event of poor weather, students will still be expected to come to school and fun in-school activities will be arranged.

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