Kerikeri High School Workday



FRIDAY 11 MAY 2018

Work Day is our school’s major fundraising event of the year. The proceeds from Work Day contribute to extra facilities at our school for which we are not funded. For example, in previous years Work Day funds have been spent on the provision of filtered water drinking fountains, covered walkways, the new school van, extra seating for the Auditorium for school assemblies, portable marquees, a garage for the school vans, landscaping and seating at the Hospitality building and the purchase of COW (Computers on Wheels) to facilitate learning in classrooms. The decision about what to spend Workday funds on is made by the students via the Student Council.

We ask that you please support this important event in our school calendar by encouraging your child or children to find suitable employment for Friday 11 May 2018.


All students are expected to work on Work Day and find jobs for themselves.

Students will be issued with Work Day cards this week.

Years 7 and 8 are expected to earn $15, Years 9 and 10 $20 and Years 11, 12 and 13 $25.

School is open for instruction; however, teachers will be participating in Teacher Professional Development and students will be given work to complete under supervision of a reliever.

On the week following Work Day, students will be expected to return their Work Day money, or a note explaining their absence on Work Day, or be considered absent without leave and face normal school consequences if they have done neither of these.


There is a free mufti for all students who have met the expected requirements by Monday 21 May.

Students who return money within the timeframe will go in a draw for $25.00 vouchers (one per each year level).

Class prizes are also awarded. There is a fish and chip lunch for the first class with all their money in. There is also a Beach Day for the class returning the highest percentage of money received.


  • Can we work on a different day – e.g Saturday and have Friday off?

            Yes, as long as students return Work Day money.

  • Do we have to bring all money earned?

            Yes. It is illegal to work for payment on a school day, so all money should come to the school.

  • What will students coming to school do?

            Students will be provided with work and be supervised by relieving teachers.

  • What happens if it is wet?

If the weather is very bad Work Day will be postponed.  This will be on the Radio Cancellations and will be posted on our Kerikeri News site and on our App. Students will need to contact their employer.


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